Teachers For Asia has helped thousands of teachers find a wide variety of teaching positions since 2009 in many locations throughout China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand.

Working with carefully selected partner schools ranging from high end International Schools to Private English Language Academies and Public school teaching programmes, we can offer a really wide selection with a quality support service guaranteed.

We pride ourselves on a very personal service and have become well known in the industry for this. We offer free and friendly advice and support. We DO NOT charge you any placement fees. We will be in touch every step of the way making the whole application process as stress free as possible.

We understand how difficult it can be at the start of the process to decide where to go no matter what country you hail from. The amount of choices can be overwhelming! We are here to help you through that. We believe one of the most important things people look for from back home is trust in their recruiter. We know this because we were in your position too. Most of our team have taught in Asia previously.

What is the Teachers For Asia Quality Guarantee?

Here at TFA, we make a point of visiting every client school that we represent before we make a decision to work with them. This is the same across the board for all of our client schools. This has ensured a very positive experience for all of our teachers whether we place them at an International School in Kuala Lumpur, or a Public School in Shanghai or a Private Academy in Beijing!

It’s important you know that we make a point of talking with current teachers on the ground already teaching there to get an accurate idea of how well the school is managed. Our teachers really appreciate the transparency and professional approach that Teachers For Asia consistently deliver.

There are many so-called ‘recruiters’ out there who think it’s sufficient to just send your application to any school without checking on quality and management style. It is also common practice with these types of organisations to place a teacher in a particular school and then you simply don’t hear from them again after they collect their recruitment fee.

We definitely DO NOT operate like this. You can take it that we will be in contact with you on a regular basis throughout the full duration of your contract. By default, we are in contact with you through each step of the pre-travel phase and then before you fly out and after you land in your chosen destination – week 1, month 1 and month 6.

We will always do our best to have a TFA representative meet with you after you have settled into your new set up to ensure you are thriving in your new school. Feel free to check out feedback from teachers who have used our services in the past here.

We like to offer as transparent a service as possible so whenever possible, we will give you contact details for other teachers who we have helped find work over here so that you can do your own research on us, giving you that extra peace of mind.

So get in touch with us using our Contact Us page or email us directly at admin@teachersforasia.com and we promise a prompt response.