China is truly a unique country. It is really rich in culture and history with extremely friendly people eager to embrace us new visitors. While many parts of China could be mistaken as somewhere western such as parts of the big cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China, not surprisingly, is still very ‘Chinese’.

Many people describe their time in China as a defining experience in their life as you’ll not only learn a lot about life over here but you’ll end up learning a lot about yourself too.

Apart from the practical reasons, coming here to China to teach also provides a great opportunity for any recent graduates (or those with any type of debt!) to pay off student loans or to save some money. Not only will you have the opportunity to reduce or eliminate your debt, you’ll also be able to save. You’ll experience an amazing new culture and gain valuable work experience while being paid. It’s also a great place to save some money for future travels with many of our China based teachers taking advantage of their long paid holiday time to travel around Asia in between terms. China is a fantastic country to live in, beyond the interesting sites and low cost of living, it is the Chinese people that really make living in China such a wonderful and memorable experience!

Teaching Jobs in China

China is a huge country, with something to suit every taste. If you’re a fan of big cities with international restaurants and massive shopping malls, you have Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and many of the developed medium-sized cities with truly international reputations.

These days, there are few places on earth where it’s easier to save money than China. Salaries for ESL teachers dwarf the average local salary, and with teacher salaries on the rise, it is possible to save more than you could in other locations. For our International School teachers you can expect a very handsome salary and benefits package, comparable and in some cases better than other popular locations in Asia.

This ancient country may have been slow to open up to the West, but now that it has, it’s quickly gaining a reputation as a comfortable, exciting, modern, fun and profitable place to live.

There are several options to consider for teaching in China:

TFA Private English Language Academy Jobs in China

Here at Teachers For Asia, we have carefully built up a selection of quality partner schools in all of the major cities across China. From fascinating Beijing in the north, to sunny Shenzhen and sparkling Shanghai, the choice of options is wide and varied.

We make a point of sending one of our senior team to visit every school before we decide to work with them or not. We check out the accommodation provided and speak with the current teachers there to get a good overall opinion of how the whole academy is run. This strategy has really helped us build up strong trusted relationships with the top ESL schools across China which we have hand-picked very carefully since our first ever placement in China way back in 2010.

Our management team have weekly meetings with management at these partner schools to ensure close and efficient management of our teachers and to further build our trusted relationships with these professional organisations. It also allows us to provide our teachers with feedback on how they are progressing through the duration of their contract, something which our teachers have always appreciated.

Teachers in the private schools that we work with normally earn more than in universities or government-operated high schools, and can expect to work 20-30 hours per week. It can be a very satisfying role especially if you enjoy teaching children. And with the smaller sized classes, you get to know each individual student more easily and observe them improve over the course of the term. For more information on salary and benefits available for these particular roles, check out our wide selection of ESL teaching roles in many popular cities across China coming up over the coming months on Jobs Board.

TFA Public School Jobs in China

We have worked with several Public School programs now in various parts of China since back in 2010. As we manage things very closely these programs have proven very popular and have been a real success for us. With positions at Public schools in Suzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen to name but a few, we usually hire twice per year for these highly sought after roles.

These positions can be compared to the EPIK positions we recruit for in South Korea. Working 5 days per week, Monday to Friday and with standard public school hours (8:30am–4:30pm), you certainly won’t be overworked. Benefits are good with cost of flights and apartment rental covered for the duration of your contract. Class sizes are generally larger than the equivalent in our Private Academy partner schools but you will have the support of a Chinese assistant teacher to help you manage the class along with ongoing training and great orientation and training back when you first arrive. Generally Chinese kids don’t require much discipline, they are usually eager and really interested in learning. And like western kids, they love to end a class with a lively game of some sort.

If you’re nervous about this kind of teaching, don’t worry too much. For each class your Chinese co-teacher is there to help out and explain tricky or important stuff to the students. In fact, while it is reassuring to have a co-teacher, particularly at first, few teachers have much use for them once they have settled in.

Check out our wide selection of ESL Public School teaching roles in various locations around China coming up this season on our Jobs Board.

TFA Adult Training Center Teaching Jobs in China

We also work with carefully selected Adult training schools who have a very professional approach to training and our teachers always give us very positive feedback on their experiences from these particular client schools. Consider teaching professional, highly driven adults in popular locations like Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen or some of the smaller popular cities like Qingdao and Foshan.

Usually 2 years classroom experience is required here as a minimum and salary and benefits are very attractive indeed. As our Directors have visited these schools and their head offices regularly, we can give you detailed info on how they operate including the excellent career development opportunities available with these particular employers. Check out our wide selection of ESL Adult teaching roles and our business English trainer roles coming up this season around China on our Jobs Board.

TFA University Jobs in China

If the idea of singing and playing games with younger age children or managing a class with dozens of teenagers isn’t for you, then fear not: We also work with several Universities around China and have placed many qualified instructors into these roles over the years.

These university positions are highly sought after and very competitive. The positions we have pay very well but require relevant experience and expertise in your chosen subject. We hire for start dates for each of the key semesters – February and September each year. Although competition seems to be increasing this year and is expected to continue in this pattern.

A foreign teacher at a Chinese university is typically expected to work around twenty hours a week, with additional hours suggested for “office time”. This usually involves talking with students or marking papers. The work is less ‘energetic’ than teaching kids or teenagers, and is often better compensated. In addition to shorter hours and higher salaries, universities usually provide excellent accommodation and travel benefits.

University teaching enjoys attractive perks as regards hours and holiday. That is why good University positions can be hard to get and you will need several years teaching experience and the right qualifications (ideally to Masters degree level) before you apply.

Among your students there will be the ambitious and the Seniors who will keep you on your toes but the younger Freshmen are just happy to have got where they are and want to wind down a bit now that they have got there. Chances are you’ll start off teaching conversation before perhaps going on to areas such as business English or composition, or maybe even your own degree subject. There will be more in the way of grading but again you are left to follow a syllabus and asked to stick within guidelines. You will have the opportunity to use multi-media facilities and bring in your own supplementary material.

Check out our wide selection of university teaching positions around China coming up in the coming months on our Jobs Board and get in contact with our team to set up a skype web-cam call with one of our team.

TFA International School Jobs in China

Teachers For Asia work with a wide selection of top International Schools across China. We hire for all subject areas ranging from Math and the Sciences, to PE, English Literature and Music, with everything in between. Many of our client schools teach through both the popular IB curriculum and the British IGCSE set up. The majority of our client schools are located in the top tier cities across China. We can go into more details on these during your skype consultation with our team.

Candidate must hold a professional Teacher Qualification and have previous relevant teaching experience. Benefits in these schools are excellent with competitive salaries, professional training, accommodation and flights covered, long paid vacations along with many other benefits. The classroom dynamic is excellent as students at the schools are usually very focused and keen to prepare for entrance exams into the top Universities in Europe and US. Check out our wide selection of subject teaching roles coming up this season in many cities across China on our International School Jobs Board.

Learn more about life as a teacher in China

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