TFA Academy, presented by Teachers For Asia, sees big increase in TEFL purchases and Online teacher applications
Since 2016, Ireland-based Teachers For Asia Academy ( has been providing accredited TEFL training for new teachers travelling to China and other parts of Asia. Through their long-standing partnership with their UK-based course curriculum and platform providers, the 120-hour online TEFL training course administered by the TFA Academy team covers all of the key language skills, as well as lesson planning and key teaching methodologies.
David McCarthy of TFA Academy, highlighted some of the benefits for schools:

‘The feedback we get from our schools is that newly arriving teachers are well prepared to start teaching when they arrive and have a high degree of confidence in the classroom. Schools are increasingly looking for cohesion among new hires, in terms of high-quality teacher training, obtained prior to arrival’.

David goes on to say: ‘With partners like Global Language Training in the UK, we work very closely with all our schools to identify their staff training needs, we align these needs with our industry leading solutions, delivering high quality and cost effective training online’.

He adds that ‘Online TEFL trainees have access to experienced tutors throughout their course, with the ability to login to the learning platform at a time that suits each trainee’.

Specialist Teacher Training Certificates 
In the area of English language education for young learners, TFA Academy has recognised the growth of preschool education in China in recent years. With over 266,700 kindergartens in China, an increase of 4.6% since 2017, there are now over 2.5 million kindergarten teachers in the country.
For many schools in China, it is becoming increasingly important that local Chinese staff, as well as foreign staff, have a sufficient level of training in the area of Teaching English to Young Learners.

McCarthy goes on to say ‘We have worked with several kindergartens in China to train existing teaching staff through an online course, introducing teachers to age appropriate methodologies like storytelling, games and activities as well as important classroom management skills’.

‘In addition to administering the TEYL course to our client schools, we also have other courses available including Teaching Business English and IELTS Exam preparation’.

Upon completion of the online 120-hour course, students will be awarded a TEFL certificate and will be very well prepared to teach English as a Foreign language. David Cooney, who in 2019 was responsible for launching the Online Teacher Recruitment service within the Teachers For Asia operation, noted that there has been a big increase in course purchases in recent months due to the Covid-19 outbreak as many people are keen to get involved in teaching English online from home. ‘We are currently working with many teachers since the outbreak began earlier this year, helping them make the transition from in-classroom teaching to online teaching. Compared to 2019, demand has understandably increased several-fold this year’’.
Teachers For Asia are helping teachers find quality, well paid online teaching positions, both part time and full time, enabling teachers to generate revenue at a time when many are unsure about their teaching jobs, especially here in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. Minimum requirements based on schools and market demand are that you must hold a Bachelors degree from a recognised university and be able to communicate in English at native level (in certain circumstances, those who speak English as a second language at a level higher than C1 on the CEFR scale can also apply).
If you’re interested in learning more, visit their information page at for more details. All applicants will be granted access to TFA’s Teach Online Guide with lots of tips and strategies on how to become a successful online teacher.