Teaching in Busan

Busan, also known as Pusan, with a population of approximately 5 million, is located between the mountains and the sea.

It is Korea’s 2nd metropolis, a buzzing, bustling port city in an excellent location. Opportunities for day trips and short excursions around Busan are limitless and it also boasts some of the most famous beaches in the country. The city itself lies between the mountains and the ocean. It’s a jumbled, highly eclectic mixture of neighbourhoods from the spit ‘n’ sawdust and raw fish eateries on the docks to the trendy bar and shopping clusters near the universities.

Busan has a large foreign population and plenty to offer in the way of entertainment. It is very popular amongst English teachers who tend to congregate around Haeundae and Gwangali beaches. Sea breezes keep Busan comfortably hot in the summer. The local airport is good for international travel. Keep an eye open for new teaching positions in Busan on our Jobs Section which is updated regularly everyday.

How To Apply.

If you’re still at home, getting your visa is probably your priority and the process takes a bit of time and effort (depending on which country you will be employed in of course).

We will advise you on every step and make it as stress free as possible. Suffice to say, once it’s done and you’re here you’ll wonder what you fretted about. It goes without saying that if you have any questions, please email us using our Contact us form on this site or directly through admin@teachersforasia.com

So what exactly is a teaching Visa? This is what you will need to legally teach over here in Asia. It is usually valid for 12 months (the length of a standard contract) from the date of entry into the country and of course, it’s renewable.

In order to be eligible for this visa, teachers must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (either 3 or 4 years) from an accredited University and be a citizen of one of the following English speaking countries – USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Your visa will only allow you to work at the specific school which sponsors your visa. You cannot work at another school unless you receive a special permission from immigration on your visa. When you receive your visa, it may be a single-entry visa. If you wish to travel internationally from your base country here in Asia, as many teachers do, you will need to apply for a multiple reentry visa at the immigration office. This is very easy to obtain and usually doesn’t cost a lot.

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