Teaching in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, as it used to be called, is famous for its charm, chaos, coffee, pho, traffic and, of course, motorbikes. Many travelers might be shocked the first time they visit Vietnam’s frenetic biggest city, with most wondering if they are taking their lives in their hands by the simple task of crossing the road!

Yet Ho Chi Minh City is beloved by residents as a place of surprising calm and by travelers for its amazing offerings, diverse style and its incredible food. The crazy roads are actually all part of its charm.

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is where we work with most schools. This popular city with a population of over ten million has experienced phenomenal growth over the past thirty years to become one of the leading economic cities in Asia. It has such a high influx of tourists that it makes the city a mecca for cheap flights to and from there.

The majority of our teaching positions in Vietnam are with top tier International Schools in Ho Chi Minh City where we have been placing teachers with great success over the past few years. We do also work with a small number of carefully selected ESL Private language Academies but our main focus here is with professionally qualified teachers. We have a support team on the ground in HCMC who regularly visit our schools to ensure quality but this has never been an issue as the schools are very professional.


Melting Pot of Cultures

Ho Chi Minh City is a wonderful blend of Chinese, colonial and modern influences. Being the centre of Vietnam’s economic and cultural activity, it is the best city in the country to start any Vietnamese adventure. You’ll be pleased to hear that filling your time in HCMC is easy, given the vast amount of things to do! Let us help you narrow them down to get the most of out a stay there.


Food & Drink

Tasting the pho is a must-do for any visitor or foreigner teaching English in Vietnam! This Vietnamese staple noodle dish can be found on almost every street corner in every district of the city.

You can eat it inside in the cool of the air-con or right out on the street as the locals do. It’s up to you and depends entirely on how adventurous you’re feeling.

Anyone teaching in Vietnam has to try the local coffee! You might be surprised to hear that Vietnam is the biggest coffee exporter in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. Vietnamese coffee is fantastic; it’s not expensive and it’s available nearly everywhere. You can pick up a Vietnamese coffee in pretty much every restaurant or café in HCMC. When served white, it’s made with condensed milk, creating a drink of the gods that mixes the strength of the drip filter coffee with a sweet, delicious finish. You could also try the black coffee. Black coffee with ice is strong and sweet and has an almost chocolate-like richness. Be warned though – they are addictive; you won’t be able to stop or sleep afterwards!



Another experience not to be missed is shopping in Ho Chi Minh City, which boasts some amazing value shopping opportunities for bespoke clothing, woodwork, random bric-a-brac, scarves, t-shirts, jewelry and even some pretty decent art if you are in the market for some. Of all the markets, Ben Thanh is the most popular and perhaps the best place to put your bargaining skills to good use .It is especially popular in the evening and at night, when food vendors set up stalls and locals and tourists alike flock to eat. Trust us, it’s an experience not to be missed!

How To Apply.

If you’re still at home, getting your visa is probably your priority and the process takes a bit of time and effort (depending on which country you will be employed in of course).

We will advise you on every step and make it as stress free as possible. Suffice to say, once it’s done and you’re here you’ll wonder what you fretted about. It goes without saying that if you have any questions, please email us using our Contact us form on this site or directly through admin@teachersforasia.com

So what exactly is a teaching Visa? This is what you will need to legally teach over here in Asia. It is usually valid for 12 months (the length of a standard contract) from the date of entry into the country and of course, it’s renewable.

In order to be eligible for this visa, teachers must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (either 3 or 4 years) from an accredited University and be a citizen of one of the following English speaking countries – USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Your visa will only allow you to work at the specific school which sponsors your visa. You cannot work at another school unless you receive a special permission from immigration on your visa. When you receive your visa, it may be a single-entry visa. If you wish to travel internationally from your base country here in Asia, as many teachers do, you will need to apply for a multiple reentry visa at the immigration office. This is very easy to obtain and usually doesn’t cost a lot.

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