Singapore is a fascinating place. The population is made up of ethnic Chinese, Malays and Indians, along with expatriates from surrounding nations such as Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia.

There are also many expatriates from Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa. This mix has a strong bearing on life and culture in Singapore. Not too many countries in the world have such an interesting and harmonious ethnic mix.



Teaching in Singapore

Teaching in Singapore can be a very satisfying and rewarding career move and a very enjoyable way to live. With favourable pay, holiday allowance and public holidays, our teachers enjoy a very comfortable standard of living in progressive and forward thinking schools. The schooling system in Singapore is certainly one of the best and most highly regulated in Asia.

TFA International School Jobs in Singapore

Teachers For Asia work with a wide selection of top International Schools located in Singapore. We hire for all subject areas ranging from English Literature, History and Art to Maths and the Sciences, with everything in between. Many of our client schools teach through both the popular IB curriculum and the British IGCSE set up. We can go into more details on these during your skype consultation with our team.

Candidates must hold a professional teacher qualification and have previous relevant teaching experience, ideally more than 2 years teaching your chosen subject. Benefits in these schools are excellent with competitive salaries, professional training, accommodation and flights covered, long paid vacations along with many other benefits. The classroom dynamic is excellent as students at these schools are usually very focused and keen to prepare for entrance exams into the top Universities in Europe and US. We have a support team on the ground in Singapore who regularly visit our schools to ensure quality but this has never been an issue as the schools are very professional.

You can check out our wide selection of subject teaching roles at these top tier schools in Singapore coming up this year on our International School Jobs Board


Requirements to Teach in Singapore

To teach in Singapore, you will need to obtain an Employment Pass (EP) which will be applied for by your destination school on your behalf.

The Employment Pass is a work pass for foreign professionals working in managerial, executive or specialised jobs.

Visa processes and rules can change regularly so it is always advisable to consult with your nearest Singaporean consulate in your home country. The information below should be used as a guide only.


Applying for a Visa to Teach in Singapore

All Teachers For Asia applicants need to collect the following documents when you apply to us or soon after your first interview with one of our recruitment team. If you have any questions about these documents, our recruiter will be happy to answer these for you.

  • 2 x Letters of recommendation from previous school/employer/professor (signed and scanned)
  • Separate photo attachment (friendly and professional head shot is best)
  • Scan of degree certificate(s)
  • Scan of passport info page
  • Scan of TEFL cert
  • Scan of your criminal background check

Upon completion of a successful interview with one of our team, our recruiter is required to check with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore how likely you are to be issued an Employment Pass (EP). Each application will be quickly evaluated and our recruiter will give you the result within 24 hours.

If you are deemed likely to be issued an EP, this information will be forwarded to our client school in Singapore in addition to all the documentation you have provided to Teachers For Asia.


Our client in Singapore will review your information, documents and Teachers For Asia interview results. The school will then request a second interview with you. If the school feels you are the right fit and would like to hire you, a contract will be issued for you to review and sign. You will then sign and scan the contract and e-mail it back to the school to reserve your position.

Your destination school will now apply for an Employment Pass on your behalf. Provided the applicant for whom the school is applying for the EP meets all Ministry of Manpower requirements, the pass will usually be issued within 7 days.

And of course we are available for an informal skype chat once you get in touch with your details via our Contact Us section or simply email us at