What services do we provide for our teachers?

Free Skype web-cam 30 min Consultation

If we consider your application strong enough and a good potential match for our client schools, we will set up an informal Skype call to go through your options and answer any questions you might have. Our teachers really appreciate this personal approach and by all accounts, it really helps settle their nerves about the big move and really give their job application focus.

Advice on acquiring your Teaching Visa

From start to finish, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step! We will simplify and lay out the entire process of obtaining your teaching visa. We handle all immigration issues and tell you which documents to send whether you’re going to teach in Korea, China, Taiwan or elsewhere.

Advice to fully prepare you before you arrive

Find out exactly what you need to know before you go. We lay out the entire process and take applicants through it step-by-step including what documents to send, how to obtain your teaching visa (whether you’re from Australia, Ireland, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand or South Africa) and what to pack. Check out our regular blogs for useful information on preparing for the big move.

Ongoing Support throughout your stay

We’re easily contactable throughout the full length of your contract. One of our team will have talked with you via Skype/phone before you have your interview with any potential employer to prepare you and answer any of your questions. Then we make a point of staying in regular contact throughout your stay. After you arrive, we are in touch at different intervals throughout the 12 months to check in and make sure all is well.

Important Social Outlet

With access to large groups of friendly foreign nationals from many different English speaking countries, we can help you to find friends and settle in quickly. We can provide you with first-hand information on clubs, nightlife, travel, sports and much, much more depending on what country you decide to go to.

Tax Information

We make sure our teachers have all the information they need. But it should be noted that tax for English teachers in Asia is generally a very small fraction of what you normally pay back in your home country, which means you can expect to save a large chunk of your salary every month (FREE apartment or a stipend towards your own accommodation in most cases, low cost of living, affordable nightlife etc are all a factor here too).

Contract Negotiations

We negotiate contracts with schools to make sure you are getting fair market value. With us, you have a very strong representative for any financial issues you need to deal with. And if we place you through one of our trusted partners, it means you’ll essentially have two professional companies in your corner.

Culture Shock Assistance

Adjusting to new culture changes is not always easy. We are on hand to provide you with whatever advice you need. From where to do your grocery shopping to where to find the best bars and restaurants in whatever city you decide to work in.

Remember – We charge the schools directly. We do not take a percentage of your salary!