If you’re still at home, getting your E2 visa is probably your priority and the process takes a bit of time and effort. We will advise you on every step and make it as stress free as possible.

So what is the E2 Visa? The E2 visa is what you need to legally teach English in South Korea. It is usually valid for 12 months (the length of a typical contract) from the date of entry into the country and of course, it’s renewable. In order to be eligible for this visa, teachers must hold a Bachelor’s Degree (either 3 or 4 years) from an accredited University.

Your E-2 visa will only allow you to work at the specific school which sponsors your visa. You cannot work at another school unless you receive a special permission from immigration on your visa. When you receive your visa, it will be a single-entry visa. If you wish to travel internationally while in Korea, as many teachers do, you will need to apply for a multiple re-entry visa at the immigration office in Korea. This is very easy to obtain and usually costs 50.000 KRW.

Once you arrive in Korea and start working, you will need to apply for your Alien Registration Card (ARC) at Korean immigration. You will need this Alien Registration Card to start your health insurance, open a bank account and wire money back home. It must be completed within the first 90 days after arriving in Korea, but will normally be done in the first two weeks. Don’t worry, your school will help you with all of this. Remember it’s in their interest that you settle in well and that all legalities are dealt with straight away. They have put a lot of time into hiring you so they won’t want anything left out, especially at this late stage.