Louise (SUZHOU, China)

Travelling to China has been a goal of mine for years, but I was always nervous to take the plunge! Knowing that Teachers for Asia is there for me if I have any problem has been a huge comfort and made the transition process all the more smoother. Thank you Teachers for Asia!


Nicky (SHANGHAI, China)

I found Teachers For Asia to be honest, reliable, professional and most importantly extremely trustworthy. They leave nothing up to chance, they vet every school before approving them to teachers; working with TFA guarantees that that there will be no unwanted surprises when you arrive at your destination. I have now been working in Shanghai for three months and I am still in frequent contact with TFA who like to check in with me to make sure I’m settling in ok.


Suzanne (Singapore)

There are so many factors to weigh when looking for a job, and it is hard to really know whether it will be a good fit. TFA made this process straight forward and simple. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and contacted me right away with an open position. Within one month, I was contracted with a great organization in Singapore. Michael continues to follow up with me and offers assistance when needed.


Gerhard (SHENZHEN, China)

Teachers for Asia has played a life-changing role in helping me find employment in China. I am teaching at a public school here in Shenzhen. I am enormously grateful to their excellent team for guiding me through the rough waters of job interviews, immigration and settling into the new culture.


Colleen (Thailand)

I have been teaching in Thailand for almost four months and without the advice and help of TFA, I wouldn’t have made it this far. TFA offered me practical and honest advice which I really appreciated considering it was my first time to teach, visit and live in Asia.


Michael (BEIJING, China)

Unlike previous recruiters I had contacted, I found the staff at TFA to be extremely professional and easy to communicate with. They answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. TFA were able to find me a position with a very good school in Beijing.


Thomas (BEIJING, China)

I was introduced to David last year who works with Teachers For Asia. Having experience in TEFL himself, he knows the ropes and will give you an idea of what to expect in your host country. He is very personable and with his team at Teachers For Asia, they make sure to retain an interest even after you have been placed with your new employer.


Suzi (SHANGHAI, China)

I found Teachers For Asia an extremely professional and efficient company. I was put in the hands of Michael who made me and my partner, who I planned to travel with, feel very much at ease and excited during the recruitment service. All plans went smoothly and we are now in China, loving the experience. The follow-up and interest shown by them since we moved here has been valued and shows how conscientious and professional they are as a company.


Pamela (DAEGU, South Korea)

Teachers for Asia helped me find a great school with a wonderful director. I found TFA on Facebook and contacted them arriving in Korea after my first job fell through. The TFA team set me up with live interviews and tours of the schools. After finding a job, TFA stayed in contact to make sure things were going well and I was settling in to my new job as a teacher.


Mark (SHENZHEN, China)

I am especially grateful to David at Teachers For Asia for his efforts to get me a job in Shenzhen. I had the opportunity to meet him personally in Korea and he immediately struck me as sincere and genuine. Little did I know I would be contacting him a few weeks later after my own job at the time turned out to be another ESL horror story. With his attentive help and the TFA staff I was able to quickly secure my current ESL position here in Shenzhen. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a teaching position in Asia.


Jenny and Mark (NINGBO, China)

We can highly recommend Teachers For Asia as a means to get a great job abroad. Applying as a couple, we were finding it difficult to get two jobs in the same place. TFA helped us find multiple jobs, and were completely straight with us when things didn’t work out with a school (due to visa timings, etc.). They were always keen to give us options that would suit our needs and get us out to the school as soon as possible. We’re having a great experience at our school in Ningbo, and it’s all thanks to TFA!


Heather (BEIJING, China)

I have been working in Beijing for the past six months, and because of TFA the whole procedure was very easy. TFA walked me through the interview and visa process and they gave me lots of helpful advice for what to expect of China. Their service was always there to answer any questions I had and they did so in a timely manner. I would recommend TFA to anyone looking for a teaching position in South Korea or China.


Rebekah (SHENZHEN, China)

I found Teachers For Asia an extremely professional and efficient company. I was put in the hands of Michael who made me and my partner, who I planned to travel with, feel very much at ease and excited during the recruitment service. All plans went smoothly and we are now in China, loving the experience. The follow-up and interest shown by them since we moved here has been valued and shows how conscientious and professional they are as a company.


Niamh (DAEJEON, South Korea)

TFA Recruitment was recommended to me by a friend. From the moment I spoke to their team, I felt completely at ease. They were all so friendly and always offered great advice. Speaking to people who had already experienced Korea was invaluable. I was very apprehensive about going to Korea by myself so they put me in touch with other Irish people already living here which has been amazing. Cheers guys!!


Evan (BEIJING, China)

Teachers For Asia were incredible in all aspects of my big move away from home. From taking the time to find me a suitable job, to processing visas and documents, the TFA team were supportive, helpful, and very friendly. I have been living and teaching in Beijing for three months now, and couldn’t be happier. I would gladly recommend TFA to anyone interested in moving to Asia.



Teachers for Asia were extremely helpful in getting me a job teaching in Thailand. They responded to all of my emails on time, answering any questions I had and put my mind at ease. They put me into contact with the right people and always followed up on any questions or requests I had. Their friendly and efficient service made me confident and excited to go to Thailand, and I was not wrong; I have loved it!

Emma (DAEJEON, South Korea)


Clara and Ethan (BUSAN, South Korea)

Searching for the perfect job can be challenging and stressful. My boyfriend and I were looking for a job together which made it especially difficult. Luckily, Teachers For Asia came up with a position that was exactly what we wanted. TFA were extremely friendly throughout the whole process and were always there to answer our questions. We also really like how they visit the schools every year and keep in contact with the teachers that they have recruited. We are 6 months into our teaching job now and we love it. If you want a recruiter who is quick to respond and will work hard to get you the job you want, then go with TFA.


Miriam (SHENZHEN, China)

My experience with TFA has been really good. I think that they have been really professional with setting up the interviews and following up with me whenever there was a problem. Teaching Science to Grade 1 and 2 students not in their native language definitely has its challenges but there is nothing that can’t be handled if you have good relations with your co-teachers. I love living in Shenzhen; it is possibly the easiest city to get around.


Haley (DAEGU, South Korea)

I would highly recommend Teachers for Asia to anyone who is thinking of teaching overseas for the first time! They helped me find a school that suited me and my needs, and made me feel confident about working somewhere I had never been before. TFA was quick to answer any questions I had about the visa application process and made sure I well equipped to start my adventure. Once I arrived, TFA helped me get my bearings and put me in touch with other ex-pats in the area. My experience with Teachers for Asia has been fantastic!


Nate (SHANGHAI, China)

It can be very intimidating looking for work abroad. There are a seemingly endless series of faceless schools and recruiters that simply appear on your computer screen or Skype dialogue box and choosing a reliable organization can be tricky. Luckily, I got in touch with David at TFA and he was able to connect me with a job in Shanghai that was right for me. Now I’m working in a great school and living in one of Asia’s most exciting cities. I’d recommend TFA to anyone who wants to find a position teaching in East Asia through a recruitment agency that takes the time to find positions appropriate to applicants and actually follows up after placing them.


Rebekah (EPIK, Korea)

I found the staff at Teachers for Asia extremely professional, kind, and helpful. I have never taught overseas before, and had no idea what to do, but they walked me through each step, and were especially helpful during the EPIK application process. They were patient, honest, and didn’t push me to apply for positions other than what I was interested in. I would highly recommend the Teachers for Asia staff if you are looking for a teaching position overseas.

Emma (DAEJEON, South Korea)


Noah (SUZHOU, China)

Moving overseas can be a very overwhelming idea. You have to worry about finding work and a place to live in a country you likely know little about and probably don’t speak the language. My friends and I were so lucky to find Teachers for Asia. I was amazed at how fast and easy we were getting interviews and job offers from great schools all over Asia. Teachers for Asia really takes your needs and concerns into account to find you the best possible match of a school and a location. I couldn’t be happier with my new life in China.



After teaching in South Korea for 8 years, the decision to move somewhere new was more difficult than I thought – until I stumbled upon Teachers for Asia.  I felt like they actually did read through my resume and did take the time to find a job they thought would be a great match for me.  After the initial Skype interview/chat, I was put in touch with a company in Singapore, and here I am! My questions, and there were many, were always answered promptly and clearly.  The transition from South Korea to Singapore was smooth and simple.  Thank you TFA for all your help and support.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TFA to anyone looking for honesty and support for in finding teaching experiences abroad.


Max (NINGBO, China)

I had a great experience with Teachers for Asia. They went above and beyond to find me a teaching position and kept everything completely transparent from start to finish. Teachers for Asia found my first teaching position here in Ningbo, China and I have been very happy living and working here. I have almost finished my first 1 year contract and it’s all thanks to them. I would definitely use Teachers for Asia again and recommend them to anyone looking for teaching positions in Asia.


Perry (GWACHEON, South Korea)

In my opinion, your service was top notch from beginning to end. I had a steady flow of communication. You were more than helpful with everything thing that I asked and needed. I will continue to use your services in my future endeavours. You were more than helpful towards my needs as a new teacher to the country and to my new home.